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INTRODUCTION What do we do?
SALESkicks specialises in customizing sales and company incentives for all types of organizations, regardless of size. We take on the challenge of developing tailor-made incentive campaigns for particular environments.

Incentives can range from a simple one day, individual sales drive to an enterprise wide fiscal quarter promotional theme. It all depends on the relevance, the target market and the goal of each campaign.
Incentives may be directed at sales staff, channel partners, new products, total company – or could encompass many of these areas. By addressing each company’s individual dynamics, SALESkicks will develop a specialised incentive campaign to address your particular challenges.

OBJECTIVES How do we do it?
Whilst objectives will vary from company to company, invariably the overriding factor is to motivate staff to do better. SALESkicks will create personalized incentives for your team, thematically developed to maximize ROI. With attractive and compelling visual motivators like wall charts, individual desk posters, theme gadgets and flash emails, the incentive program will remain top of mind throughout the sales force for the entire motivational period.

Posters and charts are used to outline the business objectives, targets, rules, terms and conditions. Gadgets reinforce the chosen theme, and entertaining multimedia flash emails will drive collaboration and teamwork! By promoting excitement, a higher energy level is generated, creating a sense of urgency. It goes without saying that motivated people are more productive, and more likely to achieve! (back to the top)

DESIGN What’s in it for you!
As every company has different sales cycles, margins, product types, product availability and target markets, SALESkicks discusses your individual needs and expectations in order to develop a strategy that suits you. Finding the relevant incentives for your team and industry is vital to the success of any program.

We review personalities, management levels, company culture and market dynamics which are then factored into our incentive design. In addition we look at the level of risk versus return. Whilst it is common knowledge that incentives are a proven way of increasing sales and motivating staff, without consistent reiteration and reinforcement most incentives will fail. SALESkicks manages and controls all aspects of developed strategies, ensuring constant underpinning of objective and rewards.

Don’t let the most well-meaning incentive get derailed by lacklustre planning!

Typically, management do not have the necessary resource to oversee a complete incentive rollout. SALESkicks will ensure that each step and aspect of the chosen incentive is monitored, planned and controlled. (back to the top)

[Incentive programs attract quality employees]

CONCEPT Focus on Sales Teams
Successful incentives start by looking at goals, what needs to be accomplished and what budget is available. Setting goals that are achievable but will still drive profits is key. A successful incentive program is geared toward personal and team buy-in.

Long term and short term incentive programs address different objectives. Long term incentives give employees a sustained vision of the big picture, whereas short term programs give a quick boost to growth and morale. Each has their own benefits and results.

We’ll put together dynamic, proactive, exciting initiatives to pump up your people and make them look forward to getting up and coming to work every day. In turn, you’ll see this enthusiasm translate into sales.
Common issues such as staff ‘just getting by’, or account managers barely achieving targets, can be successfully addressed by developing challenging team-based incentive plans, with visible and exciting motivational tools.

Drive Channel Activity
If you’re in the business of dealing with a channel, I’m certain that you are faced with ‘convenience shoppers’ that do business with you when it suits them. Motivate them to give you continued support by offering goal based rewards.

Customer loyalty can be encouraged with incentives, competitions or reward based systems; a simple reminder of why they do business with you.
  • Drive a new product through promotion or incentives
  • Rev up some competition amongst the partners

There may be varying channel statuses which we will take into account to establish ‘level playing fields’. Progress reports posted on your web site will have partners checking up on a regular basis.

[Be different - keep your partners enthused!]

Introduce New Products or Services
When introducing a new product or service you need to achieve ‘mind share’ as quickly as possible. Marketing geniuses have to come up with the competitive advantages, the differentiators, message, target market etc., at great expense. In the rush to get something to market on time, internal staff are often overlooked. And they’re the ones who’ll do the selling!

Product training is effective but you’ll achieve far greater buy-in with an attached incentive. Give your product launch that extra opportunity and achieve the amazing results you’re actually after. Staff, (and especially sales staff), need to be oozing excitement about new releases in order to maximize opportunity in their quest for total market penetration.

With a distribution business model, this type of incentive will also work well to create a pull that meets the direct push.
We will design an incentive program that addresses the message, gets everyone excited about the news, and invites them to participate in the experience! Once they adopt the challenge they are unlikely to forget it, if it’s done properly!

You want to maximize motivation and attention and ensure your launch expenses are covered quickly.

Boost Company Morale
It’s well known that recognition is often better than a cash reward and there are many ways to accomplish this. These incentives don’t have to be target based, but reward involvement, participation or achievement.

Examples include;

  • Theme Days – Mark the occasion with St Patrick’s Day, New Product day, month end, Christmas in July; any excuse to create a buzz.
  • Mystery Days – surprise the team, have a few mystery days in a month and give them something to aim for with the proverbial carrot.
  • Monthly Drives – get the whole company involved in a drive to accomplish a single goal, best month, best new product growth, or take the whole company out for an evening of fun and entertainment.
  • Certificates & Trophies – offer new reward categories, safety, attendance, new business, best debtors days.

It’s simple random acts of kindness and recognition that really make a difference. They work extremely well, but the incentive must address the audience correctly - otherwise you could suffer the reverse of the desired effect. (back to the top)

[The Power of Immediate Gratification]

SUMMARY The Next Step!

If you want to implement an incentive campaign, but don’t have the time or don’t want to risk running into more pressing issues during the promotion, give us a call.

You know that incentives pay for themselves, so why not outsource the whole process and have the guarantee of consistency and attention to detail throughout the campaign.
Should you have exhausted ideas and need fresh impetus, we can discuss some interesting angles.

  1. Let us help assess your needs and available opportunities and we’ll establish what SALESkicks can do for you.
  2. All initial meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions are free of charge.
  3. After you decide to go forward we will email a quotation.
  4. On acceptance, a rollout plan and detailed strategy will be forwarded for approval. (back to the top)

[Let’s build your business together!]

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