Have you ever thought about incentivising your staff or customers on their birthdays?

How much is it worth to you to keep your staff or your customers?

Birthday Club is an inexpensive way of retaining staff and customers! Reports show that 75 % of staff fulfilment is made up of non-financial activities!

With Birthday Club you can really make a difference to the important people in your business.

Birthday Club was created by SALESkicks.

  • Birthday Club is a personalised reward program for any audience of importance; key customers, employees and sales staff.
  • Birthdays are an emotional event. With Birthday Club you are celebrating that special day with all your key people.
  • People don’t remember an event or a gift as much as how you made them feel on their special day! This program includes personalised birthday wishes and a selection of gifts.
  • The association of a positive emotional memory is not easily forgotten. By singling out each individual in a positive manner, you reinforce both your brand and your appreciation.

To have a look at an existing example of Birthday Club implemented, please click here.

Birthday Club
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