After being involved in small and large, new and established businesses, I’ve realised one simple rule – with the right incentive everyone is motivated.

Over the last 15 years I have been responsible for generating my own leads, sales and opportunities, with a little creativity and a lot of insight.

I’ve managed to come up with proven ways of generating sales, and maintaining high levels of interest in the products and services that I’ve promoted. With enthusiasm and innovation, I have achieved record growth - even in mature businesses. My personal motto is ‘it can be done!' and my personal motivation is to make it happen! As a sales professional, I have implemented numerous wild, exciting, affordable and incredibly effective incentive programs that have proven themselves time and time again. I would enjoy the opportunity to share my original, proven methods with you, which will pay for themselves many times over in the form of increased profits and improved morale for you and your sales team. Let’s innovate together!

Sally-Anne Miller
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